Bicycle repair

1. Annual maintenance (hub gear and outer gear) 50-90e

Bicycles should be serviced at least once a year, even if there are no obvious symptoms. A bicycle in good condition will feel comfortable and safe to use. We provide annual maintenance and check all bike functions with the following measures:

  • The vehicle is always cleaned of normal dirt during maintenance
  • Check and adjust gear operations
  • Check and adjust brake function
  • Check and adjust the tension of the crank arms
  • Check and adjust the tension of the steering bearing system
  • Check and adjust bearing tension
  • Check and adjust the tension of the surfaces
  • Check and adjust all nuts and bolts
    Note! – rusted nuts and bolts will be cleaned. – Replacement parts are charged separately

2. Convert regular bicycles to electric bicycles 600-800e

You have a favorite regular bike but you’re interested in electric bikes. Come to us to do it. We will turn your original bike into a stylish and sturdy electric bike at a low cost for you. Please refer to our services or contact us immediately. The work to convert a bicycle will include:

  • Maintain a bike with an annual maintenance package.
  • Installing an electric bicycle motor: There are usually two types of bicycle motors: front wheel motor or rear wheel motor. When you have an engine, you must wire spokes (orchids) to the rear wheel so that the part can move easily. Normally, using a rear wheel motor will provide smoother and better operation than front wheel motors.
  • Install a speed-regulating electric system to convert a regular bicycle into a power-assisted electric bicycle: Once we have finished working on the electric bicycle motor mounted on the body of the vehicle, we only need to wire the vehicle’s electrical system scientifically,safety, still maintain the beauty of the car as requested by the owner.
  • Check and clean the entire bike.
  • Note! Conversion costs may vary depending on spare parts selection or battery type installed.